World Wide Ministries
". . . speaking the truth in love. . ."  Ephesians 4:15
You can access World Wide Ministry training materials by clicking the links below. The ebooks and resources are free and the teachings will edify and strengthen your knowledge and faith. A new link to the Christian Classics Ethereal Library is listed, a remarkable free resource, which also includes the World Wide Study Bible. 

Don Krider Page

Contains almost 40 sermons and teachings by the World Wide Ministries Founding Director.

The World Wide Ministries Training Series:

(Free -- in eBook format. Click on the link.)

Basic Conduct

Blood Covenant -- Basic Theology

Family Seminar

Fear of God -- Holiness

Identification with the Holy Spirit

It Takes Three -- Marriage

The Mighty Counselor

The Principles of Leadership 

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
A remarkable collection of free classic Christian books from Peter Abelard to John Wesley in ebook format, including the World Wide Study Bible.

Teacher of the Bible: Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation 
In-depth Bible teachings on dozens of subjects from Dr. Charlie Avila, pastor and Bible teacher at the Clovis Christian Center and the Central Valley School of Ministry in Fresno, California. The teachings, PowerPoints and audios, may be downloaded, copied, distributed, e-mailed, and preached from for the edification of the body of Christ. 

Witness Breakthrough Webinar Series 
This is a series of 20 webinars for evangelist Ted Sprague's book If We are the Light, Why is America so Dark? The series includes PowerPoint lessons and witness testimonies.

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