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". . . speaking the truth in love. . ."  Ephesians 4:15

Welcome to the World Wide Ministries website. We are a Christian organization dedicated, in faith, to strengthening and encouraging the brethren, world wide. We are a covering for pastors, ministers, missionaries, chaplains, and others in Christian service.

Our purpose is to strengthen existing Christian works and missions in the United State and overseas, enabling God’s people everywhere to accomplish more effectively the Great Commission of advancing the kingdom of God on earth, while never losing sight of individual needs – PEOPLE REACHING PEOPLE .

Our desire is to train pastors, ministers, and leaders through seminars and training materials to walk in God’s Holy Spirit in all areas of their lives so they may in turn train their people. Thus all may produce the fruit of the kingdom of Heaven here and now.

We encourage you to use the resources offered here to minister to the spiritual needs in others’ lives. We pray that you will be blessed by the Lord. 


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Teacher of the Bible

Focus Bible College

World Wide Study Bible &
Christian Classics Ethereal Library 

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